The "CAF out of Calgary" Campaign

Campaign objectives

The CAF Out of Calgary objective is clear: We demand that the City of Calgary cancel its contract for LRVs for Calgary’s new Green Line with CAF.

We do not make this request lightly, but this contract could have severe impacts on the City's financial interest and, perhaps more importantly, it's reputation. 

Steps already taken (e.g. meetings, etc.)

CAF out of Calgary has made good progress since starting our campaign. Some of our public-facing initiatives include publishing a letter endorsed by 8 Calgary organizations and 56 Canadian organizations outside of Calgary. We've also launched an email campaign that you can participate in.

We have also issued several letters to the Mayor, Jyoti Gondek, and the Green Line Board, asking them to consider CAF's violations of Palestinians' human rights. The responses to our letters have not been satisfying, so it's important that you help us- send an email to Mayor Gondek, city councilors, and Green Line board members!

Behind the scenes, CAF out of Calgary has met with progressive city councilors to gain a better perspective on the City's decision-making process and procedure related to planning the Green Line. Councilors Courtney Walcott, Ward 8, and Gian-Carlo Carra, Ward 9, have expressed understanding and support for the CAF out of Calgary campaign!

Green Line decision-making process

The City of Calgary's green line expansion project is headed by the Green Line Board, a separate entity from Calgary City Council. This board was appointed in 2021 and oversees all decisions related to Calgary's Green Line LRT project.

City Representatives targeted

City Councilors:

  • Jyoti Gondek, Mayor
  • Sonya Sharp, Ward 1
  • Jennifer Wyness, Ward 2
  • Jasmine Mian, Ward 3
  • Sean Chu, Ward 4
  • Raj Dhaliwal, Ward 5
  • Richard Pootmans, Ward 6
  • Terry Wong, Ward 7
  • Andre Chabot, Ward 10
  • Kourtney Penner, Ward 11
  • Evan Spencer, Ward 12
  • Dan McLean, Ward 13
  • Peter Demong, Ward 14

Green Line Board:

  • Don Fairbairn, Chair
  • David Duckworth, City Manager
  • Janet Annesley
  • Larry Beasley, C.M.
  • Ian Bourne
  • Fred Cummings
  • Bharat Mahajan
  • Patricia McLeod, K.C.
  • Marcia Nelson


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